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Anti Wrinkle Treatment

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What is Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

Fine lines around the eyes, i.e. (Crow’s feet), strong forehead wrinkles and the frown lines – are all the dreaded tell-tale signs of ageing. But now, thanks to anti-wrinkle treatment, you can achieve a well-rested, youthful look which is subtle, yet incredibly effective.

We can’t stop the clock on ageing, but we have the power to slow it down. Anti-wrinkle treatment is on the frontline of anti-ageing procedures. When injected in small doses into targeted areas, anti-wrinkle treatment blocks the signals between the nerves and the muscles, causing the muscles to relax. They reduce the appearance of lines to produce a look that is fresh, more youthful and, most importantly, natural.

The best wrinkle is the one you never get !

  • - Treats all dynamic wrinkles
  • - Natural looking results
  • - Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical
  • - Safe & FDA Approved
  • - No Downtime
  • - Doctor Led Clinic
  • - 30+ years of experience
Anti Aging Treatment in Ahmedabad
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The Experience at Radiant Clinic Ahmedabad
Why Radiant Clinic ?
Experienced Medical Professionals

Our team of medical professionals is led by Dr. Aarti Shah & Dr. Aakash Shah. They are highly qualified experts in safely delivering anti-wrinkle treatments.

Their deep understanding of facial aesthetics and anatomy in both women and men means they produce a look that is more youthful yet natural.

Anti Wrinkle Injections For Women Anti Wrinkle Injections For Women
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The Process

  • Step 1: All our treatments begin with a private consultation that includes a full facial assessment by our professional team of doctors. If treatment is deemed suitable, the client’s areas of concern are discussed, options explored, and a personal treatment plan decided.
  • Step 2: Immediately after the consultation, the treatment can commence. The procedure itself is quite straightforward and takes only few minutes. A fine needle is used to inject the targeted facial muscle.
  • Step 3: Before leaving the clinic, we provide all our clients with comprehensive post-treatment care advice. We also provide follow up appointment for assessment two weeks after the treatment.

Benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

An anti-wrinkle injectable is administered with a very fine needle, and takes only a few seconds. It’s the tiny prick of the needle for a moment, and most patients tolerate it very well. Several injections are given into the area you’re concerned about, for example the frown lines between the brows. If you are highly sensitive, a topical anaesthetic gel can be applied first.

It varies from patient to patient, but as a rule, expect to see the results within 2 – 5 days of the treatment as the muscle beneath the skin relaxes. Once it does, the difference will be noticeable to you. The results are subtle and natural, making you look well-rested and more youthful.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are tried and tested in millions of treatments globally and are safe and effective when administered by an experienced and trained doctor who has correct understanding of the underlying facial anatomy. Side effects may include minor bruising at the site of the treatment, so avoid taking any medication that thins the blood (like aspirin) prior to your treatment, as this increases the risk of bruising.

Each patient responds differently but in general, anti-wrinkle treatments last between 3-4 months before effect wears off.

No. Our doctors study your facial musculature and administer the right amount of product for you, for the most natural and subtle of results. The ‘frozen’ or unnatural appearance you sometimes see on celebrities happen as a result of over-treatment.

Evidence suggests that as the muscle is trained to relax, the overlying skin releases its wrinkle helping in prevention of further lines from forming in that area. It’s the repeated contraction of the facial muscle whilst making an expression like smiling or frowning that caused the wrinkle in the first place, so once the muscle relaxes, wrinkles don’t form in the treated area until the effects of the wear off. Regular treatments mean the muscle stays relaxed, and wrinkles are kept at bay.

Botulinum toxin (BOTOX) has been known for more than a century, but not until 1980 was the BOTOX found to be useful for a number of medical problems. Injections of this BOTOX has been used in cosmetic medicine since the early 90’s. The BOTOX has the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. Anti-Wrinkle injections have also been used to treat medical problems such as excessive sweating and migraines. Almost every celebrity has been associated with Anti-Wrinkle injections, very often for taking its uses to the extreme and taking on that startled, surprised look! Careful consideration is called for before you progress and the best advice is to visit a highly reputable and experienced clinic, renowned for good practice and subtle results, such as Radiant Clinic. Anti-Wrinkle treatments must be administered by an experienced and trained medical doctor.

Wrinkle Treatment Ahmedabad
Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Ahmedabad

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