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The Soli-tone is the gold standard when it comes to regenerating and repairing the various layers of skin, the underlying muscle structure and dealing with other skin related problems. A revolutionary system that combines multiple technologies for a complete, fast, powerful and non-invasive response for all skin conditions.

Soli Tone Facial Treatment Ahmedabad



LumiLift is the only application on the market that combines Light therapy, Micronized currents and HF Polarized currents to provide greatly enhanced treatments to rejuvenate the skin. It includes four high-tech lifting and smoothing electrodes using multi-platform technology. LumiLift works from the inside out. This treatment is a complete photo-rejuvenation procedure that combines the effects of Light energy. Micronized currents and HF Polarized currents to produce skin rejuvenation that is safe, comfortable, and effective.


LumiFacial combines photo-modulation with pure spectrum wavelengths to treat acne, hyper-pigmentation, redness, and photo-aging. It has a sophisticated design, integrating a fully adjustable ergonomic wrap around facial panel with the powerful action of 400 Extreme super-Luminous LEDs. During treatment, two specially designed lifting electrodes, each with forty (40) powerful Extreme Super-Luminous LEDs – more powerful and of higher quality than regular LEDs – pulsate light at a wavelength of 640 nanometers and use high power density to stimulate light absorbing photo-receptors in the skin to induce a cellular response. Pulsed red light triggers a wave of energy that stimulates the fibroblasts cell functions and repair mechanisms. Extreme Super-Luminous LEDs are noninvasive, pure polarized narrow band frequencies that are safer than natural sunlight because there are no harmful UV rays. While the ESLDs are at work, the Soli-Tone transmits Micronized currents through the lifting electrodes. Harmonizing with the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body, they reconstruct or re-educate muscle tissue, achieving visble lifting results, restoring facial contour, and slowing the aging process. The easy-to-use computerized settings precisely deliver the best parameters for both Micronized currents and Photo-Modulation.

Lumifacial & Lumilift Facial Treatments
The Treatment.

(1) A single 30-minute treatment produces amazing results.
(2) You can immediately see and feel the difference.
(3) Rejuvenated cell functions continue to bring about improvements for as long as three months following the completion of the basic treatment plan.

Why is light important?

Soli-Tone panel combines the interaction of 400 ESLDs:

  • Blue light at 470 nm (nanometers) improves acne prone skin through its purifying and antibacterial properties.

  • Green light at 525 nm reduces pigmentation by penetrating into the basal layers.

  • Yellow light at 590 nm treats redness and is also used for its soothing, draining and detoxifying properties. Absorbed by the body fluids, it improves the lymph and blood circulatory system.

  • Red light at 640 nm increases collagen production fivefold in the skin, triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells and cell growth.

    Each color is photo-modulated, in a pulsed or constant mode, insuring specific focus and delivery of the correct light at the location of the problem. After treatment, the unit shuts off by itself, freeing the operator to provide other services for the client.

    Soli-Tone is powered by extreme Super-Luminous LEDs which are more powerful, higher quality light source than regular LEDs. Each visible color is applied by pure narrow band ESLDs. With four hundred (400) ESLDs, the Soli-Tone is the most efficient and powerful unity available today.

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