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laser hair removal for men

laser hair removal in ahmedabad


Laser hair Removal Treatment for men has finally come of age. Increasing number of men, determined to rid themselves of excess hair, are turning to this safe and scientific solution to deliver them a clean, polished look. Laser Hair Reduction is a procedure where a specific beam of light targets the follicle, disabling the reproductive cycle of the hair without hurting the skin. It can also provide relief from ingrown hairs and painful shaving rashes. The procedure is ideal for men interested in body hair Reduction, facial hair removal, back hair reduction or permanent hair removal from the chest.


Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Men


  • Step 1: Inital consultations that includes a full treatment area assessment.

  • Step 2: Treatment plan is discussed and agreed with treatment commencing immediately.

  • Step 3: We reccommend a miniumum of six sessions to get maxiumum results.
laser hair removal for men



Radiant Clinic is safe and highly experienced in the delivery of Laser Hair Reduction in Ahmedabad for men. This has established us as a leader in the industry, a claim that we have backed up time and again with our excellent results. We use only ‘medical-grade’ lasers which are at the cutting edge of the technology, allowing us to guarantee great results. Although we recommend a course of six treatments, a significant difference will be apparent after just two or three. Our experienced therapists will consider your skin and hair type before creating a personalised treatment plan.

  • Treat All Skin Types
  • Most Advanced Technology
  • Asclepion Medical Grade Lasers
  • Highly Trained Team
  • Consultations
Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Ahmedabad

You will need a course of treatments as laser only works on hair that is in the growth phase of the hair cycle, known as Anagen. The other two phases of the hair cycle, called Catagen and Telogen, mean the hair is either dormant or falling out; so the laser doesn’t impact it. As all of your hair is in different phases at different times, you need several treatments spread out over a number of weeks to ensure the laser ‘catches’ the each of the hairs in their growth phase at some point.

The number of treatments you will need is dependent on the area being treated; how thick and dense the hair is and your skin type – it varies from person to person. You will need at least six-eight treatments and it will also depend on how often you come back for your sessions. Coarse, thick hair such as that on a man’s chest will take longer to treat than fine hair, but your initial consultation with an experienced therapist will give you an idea of what to expect.

As with all treatments, it depends on the person and how sensitive they are, as well as the area being treated. We use Asclepion lasers, which has additional cooling device to decrease sensitivity during treatment.
The sensation is similar to an elastic band being snapped against your skin, and because the laser is moving all the time, the sensation is well-tolerated by most people. It’s advisable to avoid caffeine before your treatment as it can make your skin more sensitive.

Laser is a clinically tested treatment; FDA approved and has undergone rigorous trials to ensure patient safety and efficiency. All of the Radiant Clinic laser therapists are highly trained in performing the treatments; we take client comfort and safety very seriously and only use the highest grade medical lasers. Before starting a course of treatment, we give each client a consultation. If you are having treatments with us and happen to go on holiday throughout your treatment course we will ask that you have another consultation when you return to ensure your skin is ready to resume treatment without the risk of pigmentation occurring.

You can shave the day before treatment; not the day of, as shaving exfoliates the skin and makes it sensitive, which can make laser treatment uncomfortable. Don’t wax, as if you remove hair, the laser has nothing to target!
During the course of treatment
You may shave between sessions – do not wax as it will affect hair growth patterns and affect results. Waxing or plucking completely removes the hair from the follicle, and for the laser to work there needs to be a hair present in the follicle. If you have waxed or plucked the treatment area you would have to wait 2-4 weeks for follicles to produce a new hair.
After the laser course is finished
We would recommend you continue using laser until you achieve the level of hair reduction you’re happy with. Any remaining or reoccurring hair will be minimal; very fine in texture and light in colour.

Hair Removal Treatment in Ahmedabad