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chemical peel

chemical peel

What is Chemical Peel ?

Chemical peel is exactly what it says – peeling of the skin using a chemical. A chemical peel removes the top most layers of the skin. This refreshes the skin, removes sun damage, reduce freckles and irregular pigmentation. It also reduces fine wrinkles. It is the safest and most effective way to resurface the skin.

chemical peeling treatment in ahmedabad

What are the different peels ?

  • AHA Peels
  • BHA Peels
  • TCA Peels
  • Phenol Peels
  • Retinoic Peels

Which Chemical Peel solution is better ?

There are several types of peels, each indicated for different types and degrees of skin problems.

  • AHA Peels : Improve rough, dry skin as well as uneven pigmentation. They also help to improve sun damage.
  • BHA Peels : It helps to control acne and superficial acne scars.
  • TCA Peels / Phenol Peels / Retinoic Peels : They are the best for people who want to smooth out fine wrinkles, even out skin pigmentation and remove blemishes.

Which type of chemical peel is right for me ?

Only a qualified cosmetic dermatologist can determine which type of skin peel is appropriate for you. A doctor must consider several factors including patient's medical history, the skin condition to be treated and desired results.

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